Child attention. Learning to understand any other

BabyAttracted a note of a infant facial skin the type and form - he is happy with the arrival of guests and the interest considering. But, in spite of the fact that the crumbs similar to see new people on a fifth 30 days of your, he begins to divide others into "us" and "them." Among the latter may prove to be not only an outsider, but my mum, who has decided not to give up his career and came on a job.So, no question so you enjoy been downloaded their "adult" things, have a rule each day to pay at least a any minutes of conversation with the child. The same whom the baby considers "his", he enjoyed studying: touches the eyes, a nose biting, pulling hair. When mom or father talk to the baby, he sticks his fingers in your mouths, however if trying to catch departing words.However a newborn shows a growing interest in the words which say moms and dads, his own repertoire of increasingly expanding. Scarce mastered most of the vowels and any consonants. At a age of three weeks, infants of various nationalities, with different linguistic affiliation and even deaf alike doing noises.At 4-4.5 weeks you will notice that babies imitate the language, which is spoken by others. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Child Massage: Questions and Answers

BabyPhysical jerks and massage are good at a age, but is specifically influential in the first year of baby's your. For today, there is a bookmark health for many years.How long does the massotherapy, and how many sessions includes a course?The session lasts at the beginning of the course of around an hour. By the middle of a download increases, but all depends on a baby: any kids have tired after 20 minutes, while others are engaged in 40-45 minutes. Normally carried out 10 sessions. Clearly positive trend seen in the 12-13th session.When you can do a second course of the massage the baby?It depends on the medical man's testimony, but not earlier than one 30 days following a previous one. The recommended frequency of once per quarter.A doctor at times advised to make "material therapy massage +", what is it?Medical exercises complex - a system of exercises for varied ages, developing variant muscle groups. Читать полностью -->

I know how sucking

BabyThis reflex appears at 1st baby: an ultrasound It is possible to see so he sucks her finger. After the birth of baby hone their skills. So soon as you touch the nipple of his lips, however it would enjoy to drink natural milk. This reaction is maintained even later years. Another automatism associated with a search for a natural. Stroke a baby's small finger corner of his mouth. Читать полностью -->

Mums. Cooking Lessons

BabyOf course, you care about the hygiene of your child, strive to feed him only healthy and freshly prepared foods. So, the intention of "eating right" in relation to a newborn has a number of features. Infants's dishes enjoy a own laws.Boiled or steamed fresh vegetables cooked in a double boiler or in a little quantity of water differ rich taste, and consistency of the tender. Besides, when such processing is better preserved vitamins. In no case did not saute, even dressing for broth or borscht.Without saline and saccharose in all foods get some of these organic ingredients, as teach your baby to a organic tasting. But we may safely add to the soup or puree - as it's a some bit of oil. Читать полностью -->

Can a nursing mother eat big bananas

ChildMay I fresh-feeding mum bananas, however useful (or useless) for herself and for her baby? Let's deal. Natural-feeding is very important in the life of mother and newborn, because at this time of a newborn's immune system is formed, there is an improvement of the digestive system. Up to 3 months, a baby does not get enough enzymes to digest diet food faster, however - his mother need be particularly attentive to the diet, especially if a baby is fed only warm milk her. Because the issue of whether a nursing mother to eat medium bananas, a answer is conditionally positive. It is possible to, but in very little amounts, however it is quite heavy fresh food. A lot of pediatricians are however generally recommend to refrain from eating big bananas until the baby is 2-3 months. Читать полностью -->

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