Dining nursing mother: basic principles

NewbornA value of a diet feeding mum for her child.POWER nursing moms is one of the general points of interest to newly mothers. In a lot of hospitals there is yet a Soviet principle of feeding pregnant women. Not alone do these institutions a power feeding mom is no variant variety, so even know pregnant women are prohibited to transfer them to some of a raw vegetables and fruits that are how indispensable for the recovery of the body of a young mom and her baby. From a day menu, a nursing mum is usually recommended to eliminate all allergens. These comprise fruits and raw vegetables red, and orange. You've probably heard this advice - a regimen feeding mother want be no carrots, red medium apples, oranges, tangerines and more. Moreover, it is not recommended to use, and a variety of fresh vegetables. In the menu lactating women possess no put cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. Cabbage is not recommended to apply because it can aggravate a process of fermentation in a gut, and cucumbers are weak beautiful kids. Even if you are not in a food of the baby, however a nursing mother... If you start to study a affinity of any item, it can be concluded that a large part of our regimen is absolutely not acceptable to a nursing mother. But later all of the diet food we get our aging body the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Is it worth it to deprive your body and a aging body of the newborn "evolution blocks"? With insufficient and poor nutrition nursing mothers suffer not alone her body, but as well a child's aging body. Do not forget around it.Main rules of supply nursing mothers1. Meal feeding mother must be more nutritious.However you know, upon lactation woman 18 years old is not only responsible for a own health, but as well for a hygiene of your baby. This responsibility is to ensure adequate nutrition of their child, that is - breast natural milk. The quantity of warm milk and its capacity depends on a lot of factors and the most significant of them - the power feeding mother. It has long been known that calorific diet feeding mom need be at 500-700 kcal above normal. It is therefore observe a mass loss schedule for upon fresh-feeding is not recommended. Why Nutrition nursing mother should be more nutritious? Because lactating women should not alone provide a aging body with all the essential nutrients, but also a baby's body. That's why diet feeding mother must contain more calories.TWO. Diet feeding mum.Nursing mums are advised to obtain food several minutes per day, but gradually. Overeating is also not worth it. It is advisable earlier feeding a child a some snack. It is believed that the quantity of natural milk becomes higher. In addition, such a regime feeding mother is comfortable and the young girl, however much more convenient and valuable to pick up meal in a relaxed environment where a child is asleep. This is specifically pertinent recommendation for gerls with babies under the age of six weeks.3. Meal feeding mum need be various.If a diet of nursing mothers is not a beneficial item, it may even lead to a vitamins deficiency that she and the child. Why, a carte is a nursing mum should not be monotonous. It is not recommended during warm-feeding observe mono-dietary (a diet that involve diet food nursing mothers alone ones in any item), even if it is a short period of time. This may lead to a reduction in a young girl in her natural natural milk respectively protein, fat, carbohydrate and vitamin. And if a strong adult aging body has to cope with stress, a child's aging body will suffer. Not alone that, a baby may refuse a fresh and have to switch to bottle-feeding, which may lead to problems of a gastrointestinal tract in kids. In addition, a infant formulas are not cheap. Meal feeding mom plays a huge role in a development of a newborn. Even such "questionable" foods like cucumbers, must to eat, but alone in little quantities. One of the chief principles of nutrition feeding mother - the gradual introduction of a diet items that are on a one mitt needs a aging body, and on a other - may cause bother for a child. Specifically, this principle relates to power a nursing mother with a child under the age of 3-4 weeks, during a period of infant colic and other intestinal disorders in a newborn.4. Role sufficient fluid nutritional feeding mom.Talking around nutrition nursing mothers, not to mention the role of the fluent. Upon and after childbirth a girl loses lots of fluid with the aging body. And it need be replaced, otherwise you can bring a aging body to dehydration. Besides, a volume of fluid consumed and a capacity will depend on natural milk produced. Minimum fluid that person need consume per time - 1-1.5 liters, and in summer even more. Nursing as a woman need drink fluids to 2 times more. Moreover, a experience proved that if you drink at least a cup of plain drinking water for 20 min earlier feeding, a natural milk upon lactation will come in greater numbers.What products should be present in a diet of lactating mums.In a food of the nursing mom want be present meat. "Strict" vegetarians must Think about it... It is desirable to take lean fresh meat - pork, veal, white fresh meat poultry. A preferred way of preparation - decoction rather than frying. In addition to fresh meat day menu nursing mum need comprise protein-rich foods like eggs and crab, and dairy items. Regarding the fish is as well desirable to select lean her views - hake, perch, pollock, cod, etc.

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  • The material development of a baby at 6 weeks
  • Care of a newborn. Cooking Lessons
  • Newborn. Problems with lactation
  • Maintenance of a baby. Vitamin for nursing
  • Maintenance of a baby. Vitamins for nursing
  • Newborn. Problems with breast-feeding
  • Baby leaving. Vitamin for nursing
  • Leaving of a child. Dining nursing mother: basic principles
  • Baby upkeep. When will disappear "defects" in the child?
  • Leaving of a child. Dining nursing mother: basic principles